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Audiobooks, Podcasts & Streaming Audio: Audiobooks

This guide recommends free and fee locations for spoken-word audio.

Audiobooks from Libraries

Audiobooks Collection via Auraria Library

The Auraria Library has few audiobooks. You can search or browse our audiobooks collection below. To see the genres of audioboooks (biography, history, fiction, etc.) click on "audiobooks" along the top to bring up the Browse by Category page.

Colorado Public Libraries: Digital Audiobooks

Find thousands of audiobooks for free at Colorado public libraries. Public libraries also continue to offer collections of pre-recorded CD audio books. Most libraries offering downloadable audiobooks now offer them in formats compatible with all audio listening devices. Some libraries with digital audiobook downloads include:

Books on CD at the Auraria Library

The Auraria Library has few recorded books on CD.  Check public libraries for larger collections. In your search, type in the word SOUND as a keyword and choose Material Type SPOKEN CD/DVD.

Audiobooks Free on the Web







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