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Book Reviews: Home

This guide leads you to databases, web sites, and paper indexes to help you locate book reviews in newspapers, magazines, journals, and other publications.

Why Should I Read Book Reviews?

  • Book reviews evaluate books and can help you formulate your own evaluation of the book.
  • Book reviews can help you decide if a book is one you want to read and use in your own research.
  • Book reviews may help you find new books to read, including books you never would have thought of reading.
  • Book reviews can tell you how well a book was received, and if the book is a trusted resource or not.

How to Write a Book Review

Best Bets

Popular book reviews are found in mainstream periodicals, ranging from Time Magazine to a local newspaper. Search publications up to one year after the book was published. Popular book reviews tend to be shorter.

Scholarly reviews are found in peer-reviewed academic journals or other authoritative compilations, such as websites maintained by scholarly societies or books that compile reviews and criticism. Search publications for up to three years after the book was published.

Keep in mind that many books are never reviewed.

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