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English 4770 / 5700 : Topics in English: Film and Literature (Shakespeare): Finding Manuscripts

Find Plays in the Library

File:Кот в сапогах (спектакль).JPGThe Auraria Libray has a large collection of single and collected plays, in print and online. Here are resources and methods to use to find them.

Here are ways to use Skyline or the Start My Research search box to locate plays:

  • Try an author search using the playwright's name or a title search in these tools.
  • Try a keyword search using a play's title.
  • Try a subject search to browse through many different options.
  • Combine a  a subject or other descriptive word or phrase, such as a nation of origin, group of actors, or time period with words like these:
    • Drama
    • Plays
    • Monologues
  • Just typing in a those performance types will also, frequently, bring up many results.

Keyword search examples:

  • American Drama
  • Children's Plays
  • Drama Medieval
  • Musicals
  • One Act Plays

Borrow plays from other libraries. If the Auraria Library doesn't have the play you need, maybe a local library does.

Find Plays Online