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Global Energy Management 6500 / 6600: Company Info

Company Profiles

When searching for information on a particular company, first determine if it is either public or private. If it's a private company finding information on it can be difficult. To find out if a company is public or private check the resources on this page, many of which will indicate if a company is one or the other.

Usually for any Company

  • Address/Locations
  • News
  • Executive names
  • Current revenue/sales figure and number of employees
  • Lines of Business—what the company does
  • Industry/ies in which it operates
  • Competitors

Depending on the Company and Database

  • Background/History
  • Complete financial statements, current and historical
  • Executive profiles
  • In addition, most of the company profile databases offer the capability of creating lists of companies, based on criteria such as location, size, and industry.

Find Information about a Business

SWOT Analysis

SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

From a business perspective, the SWOT analysis identifies and assesses:

  • The business unit's strengths and weaknesses including its source of competitive advantage.
  • The primary opportunities and threats in the market and industry

The justified SWOT matrix is a foundational element of the Marketing Plan and it leads to a plan's Goals and Objectives.

SWOT Analyses in Business Source Premier

SWOT Analysis Video