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Marketing 111 : Principles of Sales: Sales & Marketing Plan Components

Course guide for MAR 111 (Community College of Denver).

Situation Analysis Background

The main environments investigated in the Situation Analysis are market, industry and firm. However, the Situation Analysis also considers relevant issues and trends in the macro environment.  A brief overview of these environments follows.

The Situation Analysis sets out the facts that are the bases for all future analyses in subsequent sections. That is, with the exception of any primary research, all data reported in subsequent sections of the Marketing Plan should be traceable to the Situation Analysis, including current financial performance.

Develop a working understanding of the customer or user. Use Business Source Premier for a SWOT analysis, industry profiles, market research reports or product reviews.

  • Who are the people with the the problem we are looking to solve?
  • How do they currently solve that problem?
  • Why do they choose one solution over another?
  • How much value do they perceive in currently used solutions?
  • What needs to change in terms of the value function for them to consider your product

Internal Analsyis of the Firm: Who You Are... Who You Are Not

Consider your firm's past performance and the reasons for those outcomes. Then analyze your firm as if we were a competitor.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

From a business perspective, the SWOT analysis identifies and assesses:

  • The business unit's strengths and weaknesses including its source of competitive advantage.
  • The primary opportunities and threats in the market and industry

The justified SWOT matrix is a foundational element of the Marketing Plan and it leads to a plan's Goals and Objectives.

SWOT Analyses in Business Source Premier

Sample Business & Marketing Plans

SWOT Analysis Video