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Research the impact of a publication, researcher, or group using a variety of metrics.

Measuring Scholarly Impact

This guide will help you determine the impact of scholarly work, journals or researcher(s). It is important to remember that this can be difficult and is somewhat subjective.

BibliometricsStatistical methods in the analysis of a body of literature to reveal the historical development of subject fields and patterns of authorship, publication, and use.

Citation Anaysis (Article Impact): Can help you determine how often something has been cited and who has cited whom.

Journal Rankings (Journal Impact): Can reveal a journal's influence by looking at how often a journal's articles have been cited.

h-Index (Researcher Impact): Determines the success of a particular researcher by measuring the number of works they publish and the number of times their works are cited. 

Altmetrics, or “alternative metrics”: New methods for measuring the use and importance of scholarly work. Altmetrics provide article-level data and are based on new electronic sources of information, such as number of downloads and page views from a publisher, repository or online reference manager like Mendeley, or the amount of discussion generated in online venues such as Twitter or blogs.

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