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Management 490C : Advanced Topics in Management and Business: Body Art

Course guide for MGT 490C (Metropolitan State University of Denver).

Suggested Databases for Body Art

Body Art, Piercing, Tattoos and Tattooing in the Workplace - Demonstration Topic

Framing the Research Statement:

" the US workforce becomes increasingly diverse, employers walk a fine line when developing professional appearance codes without violating employees' constitutionally protected right or US equal opportunity laws...." (Miller, Brian K. et. al. in "Body Art in the Workplace: piercing the prejudice?, p. 624,cited below).

Sample Questions To Ask:

  • Has Body Artin the Workplace Caught Up with Societal Attitudes?
  • Do You Believe That the Display of Visible Tattoos Is Unprofessional?
  • Are People Who Display Body Art or Tattoos Routinely Discriminated Against?

Suggested Key Terms:

Body Art; Body Piercing; Tattoos and Tattooing: Dress Codes; Human rights violation; Social attitudes; Discrimination in employment; Discrimination - Law & Legislation; Work Environment; Corporate culture; Employee rules.

Professional Associations


Body Art - Introductory Readings

These can all be found in the Auraria Library in Start My Research:

Armstrong, M.L., Owen, D.C., Roberts, A.E., & Koch, J.R. (2001). "College tattoos: more than skin deep," in Dermatology Nursing 14 (5) 317-323.

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