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What is a research or professional poster?

A research poster describes, with words and visuals, research or creative work. Often posters are presented at conferences and other professional events  Poster presenters answer questions about their work as other attendees wander from poster to poster.

A professional poster may describe a project, service, or resource that does not necessarily fall into the "research" world. These posters can be presented at conferences and other professional events or may be presented at company or university event to highlight an activity.

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Best Practices

Elements to Include

  • Title
  • Authors, their affiliations, and contact info

Elements for a Research Study

  • Introduction
  • Methods and Materials
  • Results
  • Conclusion(s) / Discussion
  • References (if used)
  • Acknowledgements (optional)

Elements for an Event or Other Project

  • Who (author, organization, or community)
  • What (what did you do? how did you do it?)
  • Where (where did you do it?)
  • When (when did it take place?)
  • Why (what are the outcomes, implications, or future possibilities?)
  • References (if used)
  • Acknowledgements (optional)

And remember...

  • Be concise!
    • Text should cover only the major points, with the least amount of words.
  • Use templates!
  • Images, such as charts, graphs, maps, or photos, should be included only if the help tell the story and convey important information.
    • Make sure the meaning of your images is clear, through labeling and captions.
  • Prepare a short "elevator" speech. Also be prepared to answer questions.
  • Create a handout that concisely covers the main points.

General Tips to Help Create a Poster

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