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Sociology: Additional Info

Online Encyclopedias

Try these online Sociology encyclopedias for academic articles on your topic:

How to Get Unstuck

I know what they tell you in college:  "No encyclopedias allowed.  Any use of Wikipedia will be grounds for immediate expulsion!"  And it's true... don't cite a Wikepedia article for your term paper.  But often you'll be assigned research projects in subject areas that you're not familiar with.  It happens to me all the time.  A quick read with the right article in a scholarly encyclopedia on your topic not only will get you unstuck in a hurry, but make your searches better and faster.  Why?  Simply because any professional or scholarly field has its own history, important names and specialized jargon.  If you don't know them, then your online searching is much harder.  Ten or fifteen minutes with an encyclopedia will give you those quickly--- then you're ready for those databases.  We have Sociology encyclopedias online and here in the library reference area.  Here are a few suggestions:

The Basics of Sociological Research

Sociological research can be daunting at first. Socio-economic class, religion, gender--and that's just the beginning. Get a thorough overview with this excellent online overview from Dr. Ritchey, the Department Head of Behavioral Sciences at Raymond Walters College at the University of Cincinnati.  Link below: