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Marketing 4200 : International Marketing: Country Commercial Guides

Country Commercial Guides/Market Research Library

1) Register with (see below for link) will give you access to Industry Overviews, Market Updates, Multilateral Development Bank Reports, Best Markets, and Industry/Regional Reports from the Country Commercial Guide site.  This registration is free!

2) Using Country Commercial Guides (CCG) aka Market Research Library do the following:

a) Find a recent Country Commercial Guide for your country. Do this by going to "Select a Series", and then picking a country.

b) Highlight or underline the source for your guide. This will provide you with the information you'll need to do a bibliography correctly, i.e. date, author, title, publisher, etc.

c) Notice also that there is a great deal of additional information (especially Distribution) in CCG that will be useful to you. Unfortunatley, not every country has a report in this database. If you can't find one for your country there, try other sources (possibly via Google). 

3) Printing, E-Mailing and Archiving Instructions

The library now charges for printing ($ .15 / page). You may save a guide or a report to a USB drive if you have access to free printing elsewhere.

  • E-mailing documents is not available unless you "Save As" a separate document and attach it to your e-mail.
  • E-mailing the link to the page for a Country Commercial Guide is also an option.

Additional Resources:

For links to other information, formerly in STAT-USA, which was discontinued September 30, 2010, see the University of Central Florida's Guide on Business and Economic resources: