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Marketing 4200 : International Marketing: Passport

Passport (aka Global Market Information Database or GMID)

This is Euromonitor International's statistical database for demographic, economic and marketing statistics. It provides business intelligence on countries, consumers, and lifestyles and offers access to statistics across hundreds of countries. Integrated data sets provide historical trend and forecasting numbers.

Use the Passport (Global Market Information Database) below.

TIP: Create your own Passport profile under My Pages > Manage Profile for the ability to save your research results

EXERCISE: Find out how many people in your country are between the ages of 10-14, 20-24 and 70-74. Select the Countries and Consumers report for your country and include the population estimates by age groups as well as the full report with your population parameters. To do this, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Choose "Categories and Topics" from the menu there, and click on the Start button.

STEP 2: Click on the arrow next to the Population menu.

STEP 3: Then click on the arrow next to the Total Population menu on the following page.

STEP 4: Click on the arrow next to the Population Aged 0-14 menu, then select Population Aged 10-14 on the following page.

STEP 5: Then click on the arrows next to the Population Aged 15-64 and Population Aged 65+ menus, to select Population Aged 20-24 and Population 70-74.   

STEP 6: Click on the "Next" button (in the lower right-hand corner), and then select your country(s). Select it by clicking on the arrow next to the continent/area of the world that country is in.  Once you've selected it, click on the "Search" button.  Then use either:

1. Popular Statistics, to find a chart of your data that can be printed or exported to Excel.

2. Analysis, which provides "Full Length Reports," using the population parameters that you chose.

An alternative source for population statistics is the United Nations Demographic Yearbook for 2014 (see below), for the most recent year available and prior years.

EXERCISE: Find a Passport consumer lifestyle report/article for your country, using the table of contents on the left margin to find the consumer segmentation section. Notice that there is a huge amount of useful articles. Reports include consumer segmentation, home ownership, consumer expenditures, eating, drinking, shopping, leisure, communications, and others. To find one of these articles follow the steps below:

STEP 1:Click on the Consumers Menu (in the top, center portion of the Passport page).  Next, choose Lifestyles from that menu.

STEP 2: Go to Analysis Finder, and select Content from the pull-down menu there.

STEP 3: Select Consumer Lifestyles from the All Analysis pull-down menu.

STEP 4: Select your country from the Choose Geography pull-down menu, then click on the GO button immediately below. 

STEP 5: On the following page, click on one of the reports there (there may be only one!) that begins with "Consumer Lifestyles" (for the country you've selected). Once you've selected a report, go to Consumer Segmentation in the Table of Contents and click on one of the age categories (Babies, Kids, etc.). Save or print out that section, and also make sure to note the title and date of your report.

STEP 6: f you can't find a report for your country, try "Enter Keyword" (the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of every Passport page) to find other statistics or data on your country (which in some cases may be less detailed than the assignment asks). Enter your country's name, followed by the words "consumer lifestyles". Then turn in what you can find.

For less developed countries, try EMIS Emerging Markets (linked below)  which has news, industry information, as well as company and financial data from more than 25 emerging markets worldwide.