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Marketing 4200 : International Marketing: Market & Mediafact Books

"Market and Mediafact" Advertising Rate Books


Find Advertising Rates for TV and radio for your country using the Market and Mediafact Books.

1) How much would it cost to place a 30 second ad on one TV station and one radio station?

     a) TV (which station? What time of day?)

     b) Radio (which station? What time of day?)

2) Be careful not to use Cost per thousand (CPT), aka "Cost per M" (roman numeral for 1000) (CPM).

The Market and Mediafact Books are the most complete source for media cost information.  They are available in 2 formats:

Format 1) In print! They're on the 2nd floor of the Auraria Library (ask the AskUs Desk in the library how to find them).

There are a number of different Market and Mediafact titles, which you’ll see below.  The most current edition of each of these can be found at the call number next to each title.  Older editions can be found along with them, under the same call number.

Format 2) Online! Go to Canvas (for MKTG 4200) to access Americas Market & Mediafact, Asia Pacific Market & Mediafact, Central & Eastern European Market & Mediafact, and Western European Market & Mediafact in PDF format. THESE ARE FOR USE BY AURARIA CAMPUS STUDENTS FACULTY AND STAFF ONLY. PLEASE DON'T SHARE THEM WITH ANYONE ELSE!

NOTE: the PDF editions for Asia Pacific Market & Mediafact and Central & Eastern European Market & Mediafact are not the most current (they're from 2012). Also, there is no PDF at all for Middle East and North Africa Market & Mediafact. See the print editions of these three titles (above) to get the most current information.