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Working with 3D: Submitting a Print Order to the Innovation Garage

You have your digital 3D model; get it in shape for printing on a desktop 3D printer.


Ready to submit a print at the Innovation Garage? This is what you need to know.

Before Submitting

  1. Check your print for non-manifold geometry, thickness, and other important considerations. See Checking Your Print for tips.
  2. Check the size of your print. You'll be able to scale (resize) in the slicing software and other programs, but keep in mind that this will scale the geometry evenly. So if you have a one-inch square object with quarter inch thick walls, you can print it so it's 10 inches across but keep in mind that your wall thickness will jump up to over two inches! Luckily this won't affect "solid" objects, just ones that have specific wall thicknesses built into the file (think cookie cutters, vases, etc). In general it's better to create your object at the size you want to print, rather than relying on scaling algorithms.
  3. Decide on your slicer settings! This will also let you estimate the cost of your print. 


Submit your print!

Here's what to do and expect when printing at the Auraria Library Innovation Garage.

  1. Come to the Innovation Garage during open hours. 
  2. We'll load your file into our slicer software, the Cura Lulzbot Edition or Cura Ultimaker Edition.
  3. In consultation with Innovation Garage staff, you'll decide:
    1. The exact size of your print, as long as it fits on our print bed. our maximum print size is 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide.
    2. The layer height of your print. Smaller layer height means a finer surface finish, but it will also take longer so is more expensive. A larger layer height is fine for many objects and will print faster.
    3. Whether you need support material or not.
    4. The color filament you'd like to print in, from any option we have in stock.
    5. ... and any other print settings you'd like to specify.
  4. We'll write up a quote form and have you sign off on an agreement about your use of the service. 
  5. You'll bring the quote form and cash payment to the Ask Us desk.
  6. Once you've paid, Ask Us staff will give you a receipt and the quote form back, which you should return to the Innovation Garage.
  7. We'll start your print in the order it was received! We will email you when your print is finished. 

Filament Colours

The Innovation Garage provides a variety of filament colors to print with. We do not accept filament that is brought in. Standard filaments cost $0.03 / minute.

Contact Info

Profile Photo
Digital Media Studio (DMS)
Auraria Library Room 129
1100 Lawrence St.
Denver, CO 80204

Printer Details

At the Innovation Garage we have two Lulzbot Mini printers and two Ultimaker 5 printers. 

Print Area: 6.0 in x 6.0 in x 6.0 in (152mm x 152mm x 152mm)
Your object MUST be able to fit on this bed. Consider dividing an object into multiple prints if it is too large to print.