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American Indian & Indigenous Studies: Books & Background Info

This guide also includes information about indigenous studies around the world.

Reference Books

Below is a list of examples of books about American Indians and indigenous groups. Use the search strategies on the right to find more!

Search Terms

You can search for books using broad or narrow search terms. You can also add a geographic region (Denver, Wyoming, Australia, etc.) or search for a specific community or indigenous group (Inuit, Kurds, Ainu, Sami, etc.).

  • Indians of North America
  • Native Americans
  • American Indians
  • Indigenous communities
  • Indigenous history

It's also a good idea to browse the print collection by call number. Examples are listed below.

  • E58 - E99 History, Customs, Education and Social and Economic Conditions of Native Americans
  • PS 152 - PS 628 Native American Literature
  • PS3501 - PS3575 Native American Theatre and Drama

Find Books via the Auraria Library

  • To find books and ebooks, search for by author, title, subject or keyword(s) describing your topic.
  • Your results will contain both print books and ebooks.
    • For print books, write down the call number to locate the book in the Library.
    • For ebooks, a green "Full Text Online" icon will appear beside the title. Click on the icon to access the full-text.

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