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Anti-racism Resources: Articles & Journals

Why databases and journals?

Research on anti-racism, white privilege, police violence, and related topics has been conducted for decades. Databases and journals are some of the best places to find information about research - including statistics and data - about these topics. After clicking on a database or journal, use keywords to search for articles, news, primary sources, and other materials related to a topic.


Searching for More

To find more materials related to anti-racism, racism, police violence, white privilege, and related topics. Use the search box below for these keywords:

  • Racism
  • Antiracism
  • Race relations
  • Race awareness
  • Race discrimination
  • Black lives matter movement
  • White privilege
  • Racial profiling in law enforcement
  • Police brutality
  • Police misconduct
  • Violence against African American
  • Discrimination in law enforcement
  • Racism in criminology