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Bibliotherapy Books for Children and Young Adults: Family Violence or Abuse

This guide details resources for bibliotherapy, especially for use in SPSY 6350 - School-Based Interventions: Children, Youth and Families and SPSY 6400 - School-Based Interventions: Groups, Classrooms and Systems.

General Book

Hear My Roar: A Story of Family Violence

Summary: Papa Bear loves little Orsa -- but sometimes it's hard to tell. With the help of Dr. Owl, Mama and Orsa bravely take steps to break the cycle of violence. Provides a gentle, non-threatening approach to talking with children about family violence.

Something Is Wrong at My House

Summary: A boy who lives with domestic violence finally has the courage to speak to an adult and ask for help.

A Safe Place

Summary: To escape her father's abuse, Emily and her mother come to a shelter where they find a safe place to stay with other women and children in similar circumstances. At night, a little girl and her mother seek safety from an abusive daddy by going to a safe place, the white house on the hill.

A Safe Place to Live: A Story for Children Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence

Summary: A young girl appreciates the safety she and her mother experience following the arrest of her violent father and a move to her grandparents' house.