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Bibliotherapy Books for Children and Young Adults: Gifted Youth

This guide details resources for bibliotherapy, especially for use in SPSY 6350 - School-Based Interventions: Children, Youth and Families and SPSY 6400 - School-Based Interventions: Groups, Classrooms and Systems.

Archibald Frisby

Summary:  Archibald Frisby, mad about science and wise beyond his years, is sent to camp to have fun and ends up broadening the horizons of his fellow campers.

Here's to You, Rachel Robinson

Summary:  Expelled from boarding school, Charles' presence at home proves disruptive, especially for sister Rachel, a gifted seventh grader juggling friendships and school activities.

Face the Dragon

Summary:  After skipping the ninth grade and entering high school in an accelerated program for gifted students, fourteen-year-old Eric and his best friend Paul seem to undergo a dynamic change in their relationship.

213 Valentines

Summary:  Wade has trouble adjusting when he is transferred to a special fourth grade class for thegifted and talented, so he plans to send himself 213 valentines signed by celebrities.

I Can Hear the Mourning Dove

Summary:  Gifted but severely mentally disturbed, sixteen-year-old Grace moves back and forth between school and hospital, where she receives unexpected support from an antisocial delinquent named Luke.