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Bibliotherapy Books for Children and Young Adults: Home

This guide details resources for bibliotherapy, especially for use in SPSY 6350 - School-Based Interventions: Children, Youth and Families and SPSY 6400 - School-Based Interventions: Groups, Classrooms and Systems.


Bibliotherapy consists of the selection of reading material for a client that has relevance to that person's life situation. The idea of bibliotherapy seems to have grown naturally from the human inclination to identify with others through their expressions in literature and art. For instance, a grieving child who reads (or is read to) a story about another child who has lost a parent will naturally feel less alone in the world.

Introduction to Bibliotherapy

Purpose of this Guide

This guide contains lists of books written primarily for elementary or middle school aged children which can used during bibliotherapy. Generally, these are works of juvenile fiction, but a few nonfiction books are also included.  This is NOT a comprehensive list – rather, this is a sampling of books that are available at Auraria Library.  Additionally, for most subjects, this bibliography includes links to more comprehensive lists of books that can be found at Auraria Library. 

Recommended Bibliotherapy Booklists

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