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Brewing Industry: Colorado

Brewing Industry in Colorado

There are currently over 250 breweries located in Colorado with approximately 50 more under construction.  Additionally, Colorado is home to 90 wineries, and 90 distilleries/cideries/meaderies.  This means that combined, Colorado has almost 500 places that individually make and sell alcohol!

Laws, Regulations, & Guides

Tivoli Brewing

We are lucky to have our very own brewery on campus!  For more information about Tivoli Brewing please visit their website or check out the resources the library has available.  


Beer Competitions

Probably the greatest beer competition in the world happens in Denver, Colorado every Fall.  Yes, I am speaking of the Great American Beer Festival.  In addition to the GABF, there are a plethora of other events and competitions that happen all around Colorado every year.  Check out one of these pages to learn more about them!