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Brewing Industry: Wine

Buying Wine Books

Food & Wine Pairing Books


In addition to the brewing industry, Colorado has a thriving wine and distilling industry that has grown in the last decade.  If you are interested in finding resources on either of these industries, we have books available as well as information in our databases to help you with your research.  

You have the option to search by region, type of wine or spirit, or by company name.


We have many books available on wine and the wine industry in our library!  To find more books, please go to Skyline and type "Wine" or "Wine Industry" into the search bar.



Other spirits include cider, mead, and hard liquor that is distilled.  Information about these other libations can be found in our library as well!  Just make sure to search by either a distillery's name, or by type of spirit and location to find business information.  

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The wine industry expands hundreds of years in over 50 different countries.