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Colorado Economic Development Database

What can I find here?

IF YOU'RE AN ENTREPRENEUR: You'll need to know about your possible competitors, businesses that make products or provide services the same or similar to your own.  You'll also want to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the industries you and your competitors belong to, which may give you some indication of your own business' success.  You can learn all of that by using the links below.

IF YOU'RE A BUSINESS RESEARCHER: Here you'll find data on Colorado and national businesses, and the industries to which they belong.  You'll also find information on SIC and NAICS industry codes, industry financial ratios, and international trade.  

Finding Information on Colorado Businesses

Are you looking for information on a particular Colorado business/company OR the state's overall business environment?  If so, see the links below. 

Finding Information on National Companies

The links below won't provide information on all businesses/companies, but only those that meet certain financial criteria and sell stock (are "publicly traded").  Small and/or private companies (that don't sell stock) won't be available here.

Learn about Industries/Products

Industries are groups of businesses/companies that make the same or similar products.  Go to the links below to search for industry information. Another way to find this kind of information is to use NAICS and/or SIC codes.  Please see the "Industry Codes" box below, for more information.

Industry Codes

These are lists of numerical codes associated with individual industries.  They're intended to make to make it easier to search for information on those industries.

Industry Financial Ratios

Financial ratios are used to measure one company against another, or a company against an industry average, in order to benchmark or measure that company's performance.  Use the links below to find those ratios. 


​​​​​​​Looking for business opportunities outside of the United States?  Use the links below to find out how to do that.