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English Literature

Why Book Reviews?

Book Reviews Can...

  • Help you evaluate books and formulate your own analysis of the book.
  • Help you decide if a book is one you want to read and use in your own research.
  • Tell you how well a book was received, and if the book is a trusted resource.

Best Practices

In Start My Research book reviews are automatically excluded. You'll need to remove that filter when starting your search. Use the keywords "book review" and a title, author, or subject to start.

  • Popular book reviews
    • found in mainstream periodicals such as Time Magazine and newspapers, and tend to be short.
    • Reviews may appear up to one year after the book was published. 
  • Scholarly reviews (including "critical" and "literary" reviews)
    • found in peer-reviewed academic journals or other authoritative compilations, such as websites maintained by scholarly societies or books that compile reviews and criticism.
    • Reviews may appear up to three years after the book was published.
  • Keep in mind that many books are never reviewed!

Book Review Best Bets