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Government Resources


This page contains examples of government resources that might be of interest for particular subject areas or disciplines. If you don't see your area of study on this list, it doesn't mean that there is not a wealth of useful information - there probably is information available.

Consider your research question and then ask yourself, "What government agency would be interested in this question/issue?"

Economics, Trade, and Commerce

Government agencies track a variety of information related to the economy, trade, and commerce. The government is required to release information about how it spends tax dollars. It also keeps track of filings for U.S. companies and all of the U.S. patents that have been issued since 1790.


Environmental Studies


Government health databases generally have a specific focus on public health, which focuses on the health of communities and interactions between the environment and human health, rather than individual health.


Legislative resources are documents produced by the U.S. legislature or tied to a particular piece of legislation. They largely consist of congressional histories, which includes bills, congressional records, reports, hearings, committee prints, U.S. Code, and other documents that are outcomes of legislation.

National Security, Defense, and Justice

These databases have a wide scope, covering everything from foreign affairs and the military, to criminal justice and intelligence programs.