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Library Terminology: V-Z

Discover the truth that lies behind the most Arcane Library vocabulary--- stranger than fiction!

Volume through Zine


Volume: A numbered issue of a periodical, often a year. For example, the volume in this article citation below is number 34.

Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine.  Oct-Dec 2012 v34 i4 p403-04 ("Demystifying Paradoxical Characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder" )


Yearbook:  An annual publication that specializes in facts, statistics and other information about the previous year.  Yearbooks frequently are subject focused on a specific country, institution, profession or scholarly discipline.


Zine(s): "Zines (pronounced "zeens") are cut-and-paste,  self-published magazines reproduced and distributed through mail order and word of mouth. They touch on sex, music, politics, television, movies, work, food, whatever." 

V is for Vatican Library

Vatican Library, fresco by Melozzo da Forlì, 1477Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana

“Sixtus IV (1471–1484) established the Vatican Library in the modern sense of the term. Giovanni Andrea Bussi was appointed the librarian and was succeeded by Bartolomeo Platina in 1475, the first official librarian. On June 15, 1475, Sixtus IV issued the bull Ad decorum militantis Ecclesiae, formally establishing the library and setting a precedent for its good administration.1”  At present the Vatican Library preserves over 180,000 manuscripts (including 80,000 archival units), 1,600,000 printed books, over 8,600 incunabula, over 300,000 coins and medals, 150,000 prints, drawings and engravings and over 150,000 photographs.2

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