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Criminal Justice and Criminology: Statistics

How to use Auraria Library resources to research Criminal Justice and Criminology and related subjects.

Criminal Justice Statistics

Government Statistical Resources

Finding Stats in Government Sources

Many government websites and publications include statistics; however, government websites can sometimes be frustrating to use and often it's easier to find statistics in government sources by using a search engine such as Google. Along with words to describe your topic, use these tricks to find statistics in government sources via Google:

Limit by URL Domain: site:gov

This limits your search to websites that end in "gov," which are typically U.S. (federal, state, and city) government websites. 

Limit by Filetype: filetype:pdf

This limits your search to PDFs. Many government publications are in PDF format. Other filetypes such as .ppt (PowerPoints), .xls (Excel), and .doc (Word documents) work as well.

Add the word statistics to your search.

Example Searches

  • site:gov filetype:pdf education statistics
  • site:gov homeless Colorado statistics