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Mendeley: Edit, Organize & Share

Your Library

Before importing references or PDFs to Mendeley, be sure to create folders. Create folders based on project, topic, course, research area, etc. This will help you quickly organize references as you import them into Mendeley. Create a folder using the Add button in Mendeley Online or the Create folder button on the left in Mendeley Desktop.

The default folders in Mendeley include My Publications. This is for publications you wrote.

With references, you can...

  • Copy: Click on small box beside a reference, click Add to and select appropriate folder.
  • Remove from Folder: Click on small box beside reference, click Remove from Folder.
  • Delete: Click on small box beside reference, click Delete. Deletes reference in every folder.
  • To view or edit a reference, click on the title. Reference information will open on the right.
    • All fields are editable.
    • Add a PDF using the large cloud button at the bottom.
    • Exclude from catalog will NOT add the publication to the Mendeley Library.
    • Add notes for personal use.​
  • Add PDF Notes
    • Click on a PDF (opens in new tab).
    • Highlighting:
      • Select highlighter color.
      • Click text selector (A in the upper right).
      • Select text. A mini pop up will open, click on highlighter button.
    • Adding sticky notes:
      • Click sticky note button in the upper right.
      • Click on the area where you want the note.

Mendeley PDF Notes


Like other social network sites, you can join groups and connect with other researchers who are doing similar research to you or join a group based on personal interest. 

There are three types of groups:

  • Open: Share references only. Anyone can become a member or follow the group, good for crowd sourcing reading lists.
  • Invite-Only: Share references only. Anyone can follow the groups only, good for sharing references or reading lists.
  • Private: Share references and full-text files. Only group members can see the group.

Watched Folders

This tool will "watch" specific folders on your computer for new PDFs. If new files are uploaded to the folder(s), the new PDFs will automatically be imported into Mendeley.

In Mendeley Desktop, click on Tools, then Options, then the Watched Folders tab.

File Organizer

This will name all the PDFs in your watched folder with a consistent convention.

In Mendeley Desktop, click on Tools and then Options. Drag and drop the options under Rename Document Files in the order you want them.

Mendeley Desktop File Organizer