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Mendeley: Mendeley Desktop


Mendeley Desktop has a few extra bells and whistles that are not available in Mendeley online. You can sync the online and desktop version so all of your references and PDFs are available both places.

Additional Features

Editing References

  • When editing a reference, use the magnifying glass beside the DOI or PMID entry to add missing metadata. Mendeley will search online for missing metadata.


  • On the left, you can now filter by authors, tags, publications, or author keywords.

Creating a Citation

  • Select Citation style:
    • View
    • Citation Style
    • Select style
  • Create a Citation
    • Right-click on a reference
    • Formatted citation
    • Paste into a document
  • To select multiple items, use the Ctrl key.

Mendeley Desktop vs. Mendeley Online

Mendeley Desktop Screenshot


Mendeley Online Screenshot