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GIS: Geographic Information Systems: ArcGIS Online

What is ArcGIS Online (AGOL)?

ArcGIS Online (AGOL) is a web application for accessing geospatial data and connecting to people through interactive maps. Make maps, share and collaborate, and analyze data on this platform!

The Auraria Libary has an AGOL for Organizations subscription through our ESRI site license. Accounts are created on-demand, and are available to most campus users. The subscription has capabilities beyond an ESRI public account (see AGOL overview), and certain kinds of services and analyses consume credits. First time users should go to the section below entitled "AGOL Request" , read the orientation on credits, then fill out the request form from the provided link.

If you need desktop ArcGIS software, you can use ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS pro on designated computers in the library and/or contact our Geospatial Services Specialist for more information.  Note that using ArcGIS Pro does require a AGOL account, but ArcGIS Desktop does not (except for using certain features).

Access the Auraria Library's instance of AGOL at


Geocoding, a computational process that transforms a physical address to a latitude and longitude location, can be accomplished while using credits in AGOL.

Geocoding in ArcMap is no longer available without logging into AGOL and using credits. However, this is slow and inappropriate method for batch geocoding large numbers (over 10,000) of addresses.

There are other geocoding options available and some great resources are available at this Texas A&M site. Note that geocoders are built on different algorithms and results won't be consistent.

AGOL Request

What are credits?

Some of the more computer intensive functions in the ArcGIS online application are made available by the consumption of service credits budgeted to the Auraria Library. Service credits are the currency used across ArcGIS used for specific transactions and types of storage such as storing features, performing analytics, and using premium content. Before processing large datasets or storing high resolution files online, evaluate the necessity of your process so credits are used wisely. You will be allocated a limited number of credits per Auraria Library organization account. Exceptions to going over this limit can be requested on a research-needs basis by contacting our Geospatial Services Specialist directly. ESRI has a general credits overview you can refer to for further information.