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Marketing 160 : Customer Service and Diversity: Home

Course guide for MAR 160 (Community College of Denver).

Diversity and Customer Service

Thinking About Customer Service

Cultural diversity has a significant impact on the customer service environment. The number of service providers with varied backgrounds is growing at a rapid pace. This trend provides a tremendous opportunity for personal knowledge growth and interaction with people from cultures you might not otherwise encounter.

However, with this opportunity comes challenge. For you to understand and serve people effectively you need to learn about many cultures, habits, values and beliefs from around the world.

The starting place for your Customer Service Diversity Report is an outline of what you know about the topic. A focused outline is essential for preparing any report. Think about the persons or the cultures with whom you now work or with whom you interact.

  • How much do you already know about diverse cultures in your world?
  • How do women and minorities fit into this schema?
  • Are you a member of a minority culture?
  • How does this shape your outlook?
  • What personal interest do you have in the these cultures?
  • What does Diversity mean to you?

Your answers to these questions are important. They will influence how you will use different resources from general news to in-depth academic journals to online databases. If you need assistance please ask at the AskUs Desk or schedule an appointment with a subject specialist.

Where to Start?

Use the databases below to find articles about Customer Service, as well as Company, Industry and Marketing information.  See also the Customer Service Tab above.

Getting Help

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