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International Studies: Citations

Database tools

Saving citations: most databases have links to save citations to your computer or export them to software such as EndNote.  Saving is different for every database vendor.  Look for commands such as folder icons (Ebsco), mark and save-print-email (CSA) or export commands. 

Accounts:   Set up a personal account with your primary database.  This will let you set up email alerts on new research, save search strategies or access RSS feeds. Again, most databases have a mechanism for doing this, but it is different for each.  Feel free to contact me if interested!


EndNote and EndNote Web

The following software lets you collect bibliographic records (citations) from databases, organize them and cite them while writing.‚Äč

The library offers workshops on EndNote and EndNote Web.  We can meet with you individually or do group workshops. 

Visit our guide on Endnote Web below--  including how to import citations, links to the EndNote Blog and tutorial.