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Mendeley: Home


To use the full functionality of Mendeley, you will need to download Mendeley Desktop which works on Macs, Windows, Linux, and Android.

You will most often be importing references using the Mendeley toolbar button. You will need to download a web importer for this.

What is citation management software?

Citation management software allows you to organize your citations by topic, class, or project and then quickly create a bibliography or cite a source within your paper.

Citation Plug-In

This plug-in allows you to insert in-text citations and build a bibliography within Microsoft Word.

To download and use:

  1. Go to Mendeley Desktop
  2. Tools
  3. Install Mendeley Cite for MS Word
  4. Open Microsoft Word
  5. References tab
  6. Cite With Mendeley
  7. Click Insert Citation
  8. Search for author or title
  9. Click Okay

A citation will appear where your mouse is. Use the style dropdown menu to select the citation style. To create a bibliography, click Insert Bibliography in the Mendeley Cite box on the References tab in Word. A bibliography will be created at the end of the document.

Finishing Your Paper

After finishing your paper, you will want to disconnect your document from Mendeley which will remove the fields of code that Mendeley uses to connect to your Mendeley Library. This lets you make small edits to your references (useful if your output style meant a reference wasn’t displaying as required).

First saved copy: Ensure the document title has the word Mendeley in it so in the future you are aware this document is connected to Mendeley.

Second saved copy:

  1. Click Export in the Mendeley Cite box on the References tab in Word. 
  2. Click Without Mendeley Fields.
  3. Remove Mendeley from the document's title (adding the word Final or something similar may help you remember this was the final version). 
  4. Click Save. (The document will not open, but if you go to the folder where you saved the document, the document will be there.

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