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This page will explain what microform is, and where to find it in the Auraria Library.  The How to Use the Microform Machine page will explain how to use the microform machines to read microfilm and microfiche.

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Finding and Using Microformats

What is microform? Microform are filmed copies of articles, books, images, and other documents that were originally in paper format and are preserved in 'microformat' which is heartier than paper. Before online environments existed, it was common to preserve materials in microformats.

You'll know when you've found a book, article, or other document in microformat when using the Library's catalog since the catalog record will show the location as either 2nd Floor Microfilm, 2nd Floor Microfiche, GovPub Film, or GovPub Fiche.

Auraria Library is removing microformat content as alternate online collections become available for purchase or free on the Web. But those seeking primary documents may still find themselves nose-to-film with a microformat, so here's what you need to know.

There are two kinds of microformat at the Auraria Library.

Microfilm is like a roll of film, and it comes on a reel:







Photo credit: OSU Archive.

Microfiche is more like a card, it is flat and rectangular. Here's a photo of pieces of microfiche, also known as just fiche, around and in an old fiche reader:

Photo credit: Zigazou76

Where are the microfilm and microfiche in the Auraria Library?

The Library's microfiche and microfilm are in cabinets on the second floor.

How are microfilm and microfiche arranged?

Most journals and magazines on fiche are in alphabetical order by magazine/journal title. For example, the Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders is under the letter 'J' in the microfiche cabinets on the second floor.

Most other microfilm and microfiche collections are in call number order or in cabinets dedicated to a special microformat collection, such as the Library of American Civilization.

Need help locating microformats? Ask at the Library's Ask Us Desk on the first floor.  

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