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History 3430 : American Revolution: Home

"Arms, as the last resource, decide the contest..." Thomas Paine

History Research


This subject guide will lead you to a variety of learning materials about the American Revolution, including books, journal articles and Web resources & more.

In the Auraria Library, you will find these materials are generally kept in the collection areas listed below. Keep in mind however, that historical information may be found in other areas of study and these may be located nearly anywhere in the library -- musicians of the past in the music section, politicians of the past in political science, and so on. Also remember that material about historical issues may be written from many standpoints; it may be liberal or conservative or radical. As with information on any subject, you have to consider the point of view of the author and how that affects the value you will place on the information.


Information in libraries, including Auraria Library, is divided in two ways, by type and by discipline. Reference books, circulating books, journals and magazines, media, and government documents are types of material; each type has a separate department in the library. The second kind of division, by discipline or subject, is indicated by call number. Some of the main call numbers for American colonial & revolutionary history follow:

  • D World History (DA in particular for Great Britain & DC for France)
  • E History of America & United States (Indians of North America, Politics, Military, General)
  • F Local History of the US & History of Canada & Latin America ( by regional areas)

To find library material on any topic, you need to know the type of material and the call number.

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