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Human Performance and Sports 3780 : Fitness Programs for Special Populations : Breast Cancer: Home

Course guide for HPS 3780 (Metropolitan State University of Denver).

Facts and Statistics

Cancer Prevalence American Cancer Society (ACS)

Breast Cancer Statistics (ACS)

Breast Cancer Stages (National Breast Cancer Foundation)

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps rehabilitate areas injured by surgery and radiation

Exercise reduces bone and muscle pain caused by cancer medications

Weight-bearing exercise helps counteract bone loss caused by medications

                 (3 times+/per week for 45 minutes at a time)

Healthy weight lowers the risk of recurrence, especially for estrogen+ cancers

Exercise increases immune system function

Exercise lowers risk of recurrence by lowering stress hormones (Cortisol)

Exercise helps with sleep problems following cancer treatment

Exercise improves energy level

Exercise improves self-image and self esteem

Exercise empowers survivors and lifts spirits

Important support system

New research shows a connection between low oxygen and breast cancer .  Exercise increases body and brain oxygenation.