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Integrative Healthcare 4000 : Pediatric Holistic Health: Home

Course guide for ITP 4000 (Metropolitan State University of Denver).

Welcome to the Library

Research is non-linear process.  Keep an open mind and explore.                                                           


  • Have a well defined reseach question.
  • Identify a number of different databases to search.
  • Identify keywords and subject terms that are linked in the best articles.
  • Find the major authors and journals in your topic area.

the research topic

Refining your research question to one that is well-focused and specific is the key to reducing frustration and stress. 

  • The Auraria Library offers great resources for finding and researching your topic.
  • You can search for subject encyclopedias and browse the current periodicals area to see what other researchers are doing.
  • You can also search databases such as PubMed to identify recent medical research in conditions associated with stress.

Tip: In the discussion section of many research articles, the author proposes further areas of inquiry.

Tip: When you're searching topics in PubMed and find a promising article, try clicking the "related articles" link to the right of the citation.