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Ellen Metter

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Ellen Metter

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Auraria Library | 1100 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80212 | Room 118E
Students and faculty, feel free to contact me when you'd like to get strategies and ideas for finding and assessing information and resources in any subject area.

Areas of focus include History, Primary Resources, Philosophy, Anthropology, Archaeology, Religion, Theatre, Communications, Journalism, Speech, Film Production, and Music - but I'm happy to tackle anything during a consultation. I can also be found on the Research Tutoring Desk and through IM.

As Program Lead for Collection Development, I work on managing our Library's print and online resources with the Collection Development and Acquisitions librarians.

My Guides

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Aug 22, 2019 194
Aug 1, 2019 190
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Aug 22, 2019 203
Jun 27, 2019 115