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International Business 3000 : Global Perspectives: Access to The Economist

Course guide for INTB 3000 (University of Colorado Denver).

Finding Economist Special Reports - The Easy Way!

Step 1: Your Syllabus (see below) has links to all of the Special Reports you need for this course.  If, however, those links don't work for some reason please follow Steps 2-4 below to find the reports you need.

Step 2: Refer to your Syllabus and find the titles of the Special Reports there.

Step 3: Go to to Google (or whatever search engine you'd prefer) and enter the name of a special report followed by economist pdf.  For example, were you looking for the special report "Advertising and Technology", your search would look like this: advertising and technology economist pdf

Step 4: Your search should generate a number of results.  Look for a PDF document with the same name as your special report and which indicates it's from the Economist.  Such a document might also refer to the first article in the special report (in the case of the Special Report "Advertising and Technology", for example,  the first article would be entitled "Little brother").  This DOES NOT indicate that only that article is available in the document!  On the contrary, in many cases all of the articles in the report should be available there.  See the the Special Report "Advertising and Technology", below, for an example of this.