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Course guide for INTB 3000 (University of Colorado Denver).

Site Guide for Global Perspectives - INTB 3000

"In today's world a global perspective is more than desirable; it is required.  Whether you are in business or not, an understanding of the increasingly interrelated international forces shaping the 21st century world is critical.  Rising numbers of small and medium-sized businesses are joining giant corporations in their desire for a higher share of international growth markets.  The sum of many technological, economic, social, cultural and geopolitical developments, globalization brings both opportunities and anxieties that need to be fully explored, discussed and understood both by the business and non-business student.  This interdisciplinary course is designed to stimulate objective and analytical thought, perspective, discussion and debate on global regions and issues...."  ~~ Windham Loopesko


1. To complete your course work you'll need to find reports and articles from the "Economist" magazine.  For help doing this, see the Access to the Economist tab above. 

2. To learn how to search for articles from other publications at the Auraria Library, see the Articles and Searching Databases tabs above (these will show you how to find articles on any subject).  Once you've reviewed these tabs explore the Library's Business, Economics, and International Business databases.  These can provide you with articles and other information on International Business.  A select number of those databases, plus some other resources you may find useful, are provided below: