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Public Health 3041 : Health, Culture, and Society: Home

Course guide for PBHL 3041 (University of Colorado Denver).


Welcome to the class guide for Health, Culture, and Society!

This guide will provide information about key resources for your assignments and research paper.

In This Guide

This guide is to support your research assignments in  Health, Culture, and Society (PBHL3041). 

Article Databases: Databases for research in that proved access to journal articles and the most current research in medicine and health.

Background info:   Books, handbooks and specialized encyclopedias can be useful for finding out information about a medical condition.  In many of these sources you will be able to find information about genetics, behavioral and environmental risk factors. 

Diseases:  Information about medical conditions can be found in handbooks, online resources and journals.  This sections will provide links to some excellent sources for finding background information, including causes, treatment effectiveness and environmental risk factors. 

Statistics:  Find statistics and demon graphics for medical conditions. Country statistics are available. 

Culture: Information about different cultures and countries can be found in throughout the different search engines and sources listed in this guide. Under this tab you will find specialized sources for cultural studies and anthropology. 

Endnote:  Organize your citations for easy access and properly cite sources using APA format. 

Subject Guide

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