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Women & Gender Studies: Background Info

A guide to women's studies resources at the Auraria Library and on the Internet.

Search Hints

Reference books can be useful in locating background information on a topic, biographical data, lists of key articles on a topic, or statistics. Browse the REF HQ 1101 - HQ 1900 area on the first floor for similar books.

You can also do a keyword search in the library catalog to find reference books about women's studies, such as the encyclopedias to the right. Try searches using a keyword (such as women OR gender) and adding a word to describe the type of book (examples: encyclopedia, dictionary, handbook). 

Examples of searches:

  • women biography authors
  • women biography leaders
  • feminist
  • feminist rights
  • gender encyclopedia

Other Strategies:

  • Type in the name of the person you're studying in the subject search mode to get books cataloged about that person. Type in last name first.
    • Example: Anthony, Susan B.
  • Type in the name of the person you're studying in the author search mode to get books that person wrote, including autobiographical writings. Type in last name first.
    • Example: Clinton, Hillary
  • Type in the name of the person you're studying in the keyword search mode. Also try combining their name with a word describing specific content, for example:
    • Audre Lorde biography
    • Emily Dickinson correspondance
    • Betty Friedan interviews
  • Is the book you need checked out to someone else? As a student you can borrow it for no charge from another library through the following services: 

Women & Gender Studies Reference Resources

Print Materials