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BFA Thesis: Illustration program: Online Research

Research guide for CU Denver students focusing on Illustration in their BFA thesis.

Scholarly Journals on Illustration

Scholarly journals are one place where experts in illustration share information with each other. Most of the time, the most efficient way to find articles on illustration is to search in databases (which look through many journals for you). However, you can also search in specific journals on illustration.

Open Web Sources

Art Databases

You can search for articles using databases or indexes. Many provide the full text of the article, while some databases display a link to library holdings, i.e., does the Auraria Library provide access to this article?

Illustration Magazines

These publications host annual competitions, open to students.

Dissertations & Theses

Exploring theses on illustration that past students have written can be helpful. You can see how others have written about their topics. You can also look at their bibliographies to find other materials that you may want to find. One word of advice: Don't follow the formatting that you see in other people's theses. Your advisor will tell you you are required to format yours.

Illustration Archives