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Research guide for CU Denver students focusing on Illustration in their BFA thesis.

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This course guide is intended for CU Denver students who are working their BFA thesis in Illustration (FINE 4003). This guide may be of help to students in other courses who are beginning to think about their BFA thesis research as well (for example, FINE 4001 and FINE 4002).

The guide highlights resources through the Auraria Library, as well as through professional organizations and other groups for illustrators.

Remember you are welcome to reach out to our librarians for help with your research. Good luck! 

What Kinds of Information Do I Find in Each Source?

When you're writing your thesis, you will gather information from a variety of sources. It can take a while to learn what types of information tend to come from each source. Here are some basic guidelines:

Books tend to offer background on big-picture topics related to your thesis. For example, you may find a book on LGBTQ+ illustrators, or on illustration techniques that are popular in Japan.

Articles tend to focus on much more specific topics. For example, you may find an article analyzing the symbolism that a particular illustrator used in one graphic novel. Remember that it's fine to use relevant ideas from articles even if the topic isn't exactly what you're focusing on.

Illustrations themselves will be the focus of your writing. Depending on your topic, you may use your own ideas to analyze and discuss illustrations. There are many resources for finding illustrations. Look through the resources on this guide for ideas on where to find illustrations.