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This guide will help you search databases and journals to find relevant articles in any field.


A database is an organized collection of data, articles, tables, reports, or other objects. They are often online collections. Many of the databases Auraria Library subscribes to include journal article citations and full-text articles.

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Best Practices

  • It's helpful to create a list search terms before you start searching.
    • Write down your research topic and highlight the important words, often these are the nouns.
  • Use a general article database to find some articles about any topic.
  • Use a subject specific database to find a lot of articles about a specific field/subject.
  • To find full-text, click on the PDF, HTML, or 360 LINK Check for full text link.
  • Use Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) to narrow or expand your search.
  • Use quotation marks around phrases to keep the words together in your search
    • These phrases are typically noun phrases you would find in a dictionary.
  • Use facets/limiters in a database to limit to peer-reviewed or scholarly articles, by date, or by subject.
  • Find more Tips & Tricks!

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