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Data and Statistics

Welcome to the Data & Statistics Guide

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This guide will help you find data and statistics by sharing useful tools for discovering this type of information.


  • Data is the raw information from which statistics are created.  
    • Data sets are often several sets of files. Usually, one file is the raw data, and one is the codebook that explains how to use the raw data.


  • Statistics provide an interpretation and summary of the data.  
    • Statistical analysis is done on raw data sets in order to create statistics.

Best Practices for Finding Data & Statistics

Advice for Finding Data and Statistics

  • Identify who would have collected the data.
    • Federal governments, state governments, local governments or agencies 
    • A nonprofit or community organization
    • Industry group or private business 
    • Academic researchers 


  • When looking for data, clearly define what data you need. Ask yourself questions about the type of data you are looking for.
    • Qualitative Data: Non-numerical data. 
      • Ex: eye color, socioeconomic status
    • Quantitative Data: Numerical data.
      • Ex: height, shoe size
    • Continuous Data: Continuous data can have an infinite number of values and therefore 0 is not meaningful. 
      • Ex: weight, height
    • Discrete Data: Discrete data has finite values and a meaningful 0. 
      • Ex: number of people living in a household
    • Time-Series: Studying the same variable over time; the instrument is the same but different people will be used.  
    • Longitudinal: Typically are surveys that are taken over time with the same people, but not always the same survey or instrument.

Best Bets for Data

Here are a few databases most likely to have datasets you can use.

Best Bets for Statistics


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