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Human Development & Human Services: Statistics

Subject guide covering human development, human services, family services, child services, and social services

Human Development Related Statistics

There is a multitude of statistical sources both online and in print. Depending upon your field AND topic, the infomation you need might be from the government, journal articles, associations, non-profit organizations, or others source.

General Demographic Statistics

Stats from the Government

The U.S. government collects and disseminates statistics about a variety of topics; however, it can be difficult to find this data via government websites. Alternatively, you can run an effecitve Google search using the tricks below.

1. Limit by URL Domain: site:gov

Llimits to URLs that end in "gov," which are typically U.S. (federal, state, and city) government websites. 

2. Limit by File: filetype:pdf*

Many research and government publications are in PDF format.

3. Add the word Statistics to your search

4. Add your subject.

Example Search: site:gov filetype:pdf statistics teen pregnancy

Example Search: site:gov statistics schizophrenia

*Limiting by filetype is not always necessary.