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Images: Posters/Reproductions

Identify photographs, graphics, and art images to add a visual dimension to teaching, presentations, and writings.

Art Posters/Reproductions

The Auraria Library has purchased a set of laminated art reproductions for use in art and art history classrooms. There are currently approximately 200 art reproductions. Art, Art History, and Fine Arts faculty and students are encouraged to contact Auraria Library with questions or to suggest additions to the collection.

Finding Art Posters/Reproductions at Auraria Library

To find art reproduction posters at the Auraria Library:

  1. Go to the Skyline catalog.
  2. Search for: "art reproduction".
    1. You can add the name of an author or a piece or art (such as "Starry Night"). Click Search.
  3. A list of works will come up.  Write down call numbers for any reproductions that you want to find.
  4. Art reproductions are stored in drawers on the 2nd Floor of Auraria Library on the southwest side (near the two group study rooms).