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Legislative Research - Colorado: Prior Legislative Sessions

This guide contains advice and links for researching the current and past activities of the Colorado General Assembly. Go here if you are looking for Colorado state laws or legislative history.

Legislative Sessions Online

This page provides links to Colorado legislation sessions back to 1933.

Colorado Digest of Bills

Laws passed at the Session of the General Assembly of the State of Colorado are published after each session and may provide a brief purpose statement for acts passed into law. You can trace the history of prior session bills and laws, by searching the Bill Folders, Journals, Calendars & Status Sheets, Online 1997+

Votes, House and Senate Journals and Legislative Directories by Sponsor or by Committee. Copies of bills are available in .pdf format as a red-lined document, including the Bill History, Pre-Amended form, Committee Reports and Final Votes.

Photo Credit: Colorado State Capitol by Cliff1066 
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Online Historical Directory

Archival Resources