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Exercise Science 3841 : Comparative Fitness Programs: Home

Course guide for EXS 3841 (Metropolitan State University of Denver).


This guide contains information about resources and strategies that will be useful for completing your research paper.

Library Session Goals

1.  Find information on the current state of an industry related to exercise science.
2.  Find information related to an emerging product or service within the fitness industry. 
3.  Know how to get help from the Library.


Formats of infomation

Different types of information is found in different publication formats (product reviews = trade or popular magazines).  Use a variety of search engines and library resources to find evidence to support your statements.  The types of information below can be found in multible resources listed in this guide:

  • Job market data
  • Career requirements
  • Market analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Salary information
  • Product reviews
  • Latest research findings
  • Supporting research
  • Product specifications
  • Cost analysis
  • Lifestyle trends

Subject Guide

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