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Fine Arts 4951: BA Thesis Seminar/Art: Home

Course guide for FINE 4951 (University of Colorado Denver)

UCD Writing Center

Art Information, by Type

As you're moving toward graduate-level studies, it's helpful to start learning about what kinds of information tend to be found in which sources. Here's a crash course, based on your BFA Thesis class.

Background or a broad view of your topic: Usually found in books. (Sample question: What is Impressionism?)

Definitions of art terms; background; artists' biographies: (Sample questions: What is the Heidelberg School? Where did Ronald Chee grow up?)

Scholarly/peer-reviewed articles on your topic: (Sample question: Do experts believe that Van Gogh's work was influenced by the Italian Masters?)

Commentary from art critics: (Sample question: What did the New York Times' art critic think of Ronald Chee's latest gallery show?)

High-resolution images of art, along with basic information on the pieces shown: