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This guide is a work in progress. This guide is meant to be a starting point for those interested in learning more about anti-racism and how they can combat racism and white supremacy. The resources listed here are not exhaustive, rather they are resources for you to make use of in the process of your own anti-racist education. 

Auraria Library is proud to state that we have always provided resources on the history and impact of racism in our country. The practice of becoming anti-racist is ongoing, and we will continue to purchase new materials and highlight these resources as they become available to our community.


In full disclosure, most of the collaborators responsible for this guide are cisgender white women and men. We have attempted tp gather quality, relevant resources on anti-racist issues in this guide, but we are not immune from the limits and hidden biases of our own privileges and perspectives. We welcome feedback and suggestions for the guide, particularly from the perspectives and experiences of Black, Indigenous, and non-Black People of Color (BIPOC) members of the Auraria campus community.

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